COVID-19 Resources

Harvard affiliated faculty have made available several COVID-19 resources that were developed at the Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The resources include Perioperative Protocols for Transfer and Care of COVID-19 Patients, Airway Management Tools​, Workflow Checklists for the OR, OB and Interventional Procedures, Simulation Materials and Instructional Videos​. These resources were created and provided specifically by the Anesthesia Quality and Safety Division with technical support from the Center for Education Research, Technology, and Innovation (CERTAIN).

About These Resources

Each link provides access to written or video materials designed to streamline a patient’s peri-operative journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are sharing the algorithms, cognitive aids and standard operating procedures that we employ in our institution. They focus on ensuring patient and staff safety while minimizing exposure and contamination to pathogen. We developed these materials through several iterations of assessment, review, in-situ simulation, debriefing after live cases and improvement. We recommend adjusting these materials according to local resources and capabilities. Simulation drills scenarios have also been provided on the website for educational purposes.

Please note: These resources are constantly being updated. If applicable, the documents include version numbers and/or last updated dates.

Preoperative COVID-19 Screening and Testing

Perioperative Protocols for Transfer and Care of COVID-19 Patients

Instruction Videos

Airway Management Tools

OB Workflows and Checklists

GI Workflows and Checklists

IR Workflows and Checklists


Simulation Materials

Other Materials

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